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Why jumo?

jumo is elegant, simple to use, affordable, and built specifically for actors.

  • Built for Actors

    Your acting website reflects your style, your skill, your artistry...it represents your drive for success. It is essential in today's competitive world of acting to have your website up-to-date before every audition, including your headshot, resume, photo gallery and reel.
  • Update your resume on-the-go.

    Easily keep an up-to-date resume on your website and let jumo automatically create a downloadable PDF of your resume for you that is always available to all your website visitors. You never have to wait on your website designer to make updates for you. Instead, you can finish an acting job and while riding a subway home, add it to your resume via your mobile phone so that it is instantly visible to your agent or anyone else viewing your site.
  • Simple to Edit

    - If you can edit your facebook profile, you can edit your jumo site. It is that simple. - Easily select which pages you want on your site. Turn on and off any page with just a click. - Keep your resume up-to-date and have a downloadable pdf that is always current. - It's just as easy to edit on your phone as on a computer.
  • Change your Look & Feel

    Q. If you use other website builders or pay for a custom design, you are stuck with that design. If you ever want to change the look and feel, do you know what you need to do? A. START OVER FROM SCRATCH!
  • How is jumo Different?

    Jumo preserves all of your data and photos when you change your site's look and feel. There is no extra work required to re-enter your info anytime that you want to change your website layout which means you have more time to focus on acting. Changing the entire look of your site takes just a few clicks. Jumo caters specifically to actors because it understands your needs regarding photos, your bio, and even your resume. No other website solution does this! You can update the look and feel of your site as often as you want. We continually add new styles for you to stay current and change always have the most impressive site around.
  • Optimized for Mobile

    We understand that people will be looking at your site while on the go, at an audition, or right after meeting you. That is why we made sure that your site will work perfectly on any screen size. This goes for editing your site as well. Now with jumo you can edit your resume on your website while backstage of your latest performance...all from your phone!

Customize your Look

Start by choosing one of our many styles then customize the site to match your look!

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